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Lilac Ash Borer Southern Idaho

Lilac Ash Borer Southern Idaho Introduction - What is a Lilac Ash Borer? Lilac or Ash Borer (Podosesia syringae) is a moth species whose larvae feed on the living vascular tissue of ash (Fraxinus spp.) and lilac predominantly.  Unlike the highly destructive invasive...

Bugs That Are Good For Your Trees

When one thinks of bugs and trees in Twin Falls, the association typically isn’t a friendly one.  While there’s no doubt that some insects can not only harm the health of your tree – in fact, some can wipe a forest out completely – there are some bugs that every...

How To Protect Your Trees in the Autumn

Autumn heralds the arrival of many things: the return of school days, the Halloween holiday and of course, the beginning of tree maintenance season.  If you thought that the spring or summer seasons were the height of arbor season, then guess again: fall...

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