Let’s face it – when it comes to growing the healthiest trees on the block, sometimes you need a little more than water and fertilizer to do it.  Lush, healthy and green trees are an important accessory for any yard, and it’s important to know the secret methods of how to get these beauties yourself!

If you want the kind of trees that will make your neighbors stop and stare in awe, then you’ll need to invest in the very best products for trees.  Forget fertilizer and mulch – these products will go the distance when it comes to maximizing the health and beauty of your trees:

Xeroscape By Miracle-Gro.  No list of the best tree products would be complete without Miracle-Gro; and when it comes to Xeroscape, this trusted brand has delivered yet again.

Xeroscape offers complete nutrition for your tree (use any extra on your plants and shrubs as well), and is extremely cost-effective for those amateur arborists who are watching their budgets.

However, since Xeroscape is highly concentrated, you’ll risk burning your tree if not used according to the directions, so be sure to read the package before applying the treatment!  Place your order at www.amazon.com to get the best price possible.

Water Ring by Gardener’s Supply Company.  If you’ve ever transplanted a young tree, then you know that it can take years to see any major growth; however, the Water Ring completely cuts this time in half.

Thanks to the sleek and modern design, the five-gallon reservoir prevents your new tree from over-drying, and even has room for fertilizer applications.  At $24.95 a pop, even the most budget-conscious gardener can afford to buy a few for any new trees.  Get your hands on it atwww.gardeners.com/Official-Site.

Liquid Iron Plus Concentrate.  Has your tree lost its luster since the onset of spring? Are you itching to get back that dark green color that the healthiest trees sport?  If so, then you can’t afford to not have some Liquid Iron Plus Concentrate in your arsenal, as this concoction encourages the development of that deep green color that your neighbors will envy.

However, don’t apply this product to dormant or diseased trees, as the ingredients that make up this wonder liquid (namely that of magnesium and phosphate) will make a weaker tree vulnerable to stress.  This product is available atwww.mastergardening.comfor the low price of $6.95.

Bayer Advanced Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed. Use this product specifically to treat the Lilac Ash Borer!